In today’s world, civil security is of major importance. In protecting the public from threats, appropriate air support can be a decisive advantage.


    Helicopters can be an important source of support to teams on the ground. However, as a form of air support they are expensive and can take time to be ready for engagement. The drone range is a quicker, more cost-effective and just as successful alternative.


    One particular advantage of the drone is the ease with which they can be used. It takes only a short time to learn how to steer these aerial platforms, thereby saving on costly training programmes. Moreover, a drone can be instantly ready for action, allowing for immediate air support.

    Using various payloads, drones can be deployed in any situation. For example, with a laser scanner a comprehensive recording of the scene of a traffic accident can be made, which simplifies the drawing up of the accident report.


    Civil security – operations against looters

    Coastal monitoring for civil security

    Surveillance of illegal activities to safeguard civil security

    Protection against illegal excavations

    Policing applications for civil security

    Anti-poacher operations

    Traffic monitoring

    Volcanic eruptions – Tracking ash clouds

    Perimeter surveillance

    Perimeter monitoring

    Border control

    Protection of historical burial grounds

    Control of illegal ventilation of ship bilges

    Traffic surveillance

    Agriculture – monitoring harvesting

    Surveillance of coastal regions

    Border surveillance

    Protecting cultural heritage from plunderers

    Monitoring international summit meetings

    Fire scene inspections

    Border surveillance

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